The Rookery South Community Energy Initiative

The Rookery South Community Energy Initiative

The Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility will bring a range of local community benefits, one of most innovative and a first for a UK energy-from-waste project, is the Rookery South Community Energy Initiative (RSCEI).

Covanta is unable to directly supply electricity to neighbouring properties or households, as electricity generated by the Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility will go straight to the National Grid network. However, Covanta has agreed to provide a contribution to electricity costs of designated households in an area surrounding the Rookery South Pit site.

Through the RSCEI, Covanta will contribute 10% of the electricity costs (calculated by using the average electricity consumption of all UK homes) for domestic properties in the parishes of Brogborough, Wootton, Cranfield, Marston Moretaine, Houghton Conquest, Millbrook, Stewartby and Lidlington.

This will result in an index linked discount for each eligible household’s electricity bills of £60 per annum up to the year 2056. Over 35 years this represents a saving of over £2,000 to every household that qualifies to participate in this innovative scheme.

Covanta has appointed the UK-based charity GrantScape to manage the RSCEI. GrantScape has been selected as it has local knowledge and experience of managing community benefit schemes within the waste and recycling sectors. The application and registration phase opened for applications in February 2019, local residents, schools and non-for-profit organisation have approximately four months to apply to participate in the RSCEI.

Please Note: On the 28th June 2019 the registration phase closed for further applications.

To find out more about RSCEI to apply, please contact GrandScape using the following:

  • Telephone: 01908 247 639
  • Email:
  • Post: GrantScape Services, Ltd, Office E Whitsundoles, Broughton Road, Salford. Milton Keynes. MK17 8BU